Debadging G70


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Genesis G70
Wanted to add a few details here in case folks stop by and are curious. There are a lot of tutorials out there but on YouTube but this is how I did it...

  • Debadged early, got home after leaving the dealer, so the car was still clean and less time for dirt to get in and around the edges of the adhesive
  • I have a bunch of thin microfiber towels and placed one on each side under the badges and closed to the trunk to catch any drippings
  • I used some Goo Gone first, spraying around the badges, it probably sat for 5-10 minutes
  • Used a regular ol' hair dryer to head up the adhesive. Moved it around the badges to keep any one area from overheating. A lot of videos feature heat guns which work better, but I'm cheap and didn't want to buy a tool I was unlikely to use again anytime soon. Heat guns are a lot more intense so you have to be more careful not to let things overheat
  • After heating the badges I took some dental floss and sawed away behind the badges. That the back of the trunk sticks out a bit makes it a lot easier to get close and saw your way through without having to get close to your paint. When I did my first car years ago I was way to close to the paint and caused lots of micro scratches in the top coat which I had to later get buffed out.
  • With all the badges off, which on the G70 took like no time at all, I sprayed a bit more Goo Gone on the leftover adhesive and applied a bit more heat and just pealed the remaining adhesive off. I was expecting this part to be a pain in the ass from past experience but this went super smoothly with the Goo Gone and heat.
  • There was a bit of ghosting around the 'G' which I cleaned with a bit of Goo Gone on a micro fiber towel.
  • Lastly to clean I wiped down the Goo Gone with a micro fiber towel, then cleaned the area with a wet micro fiber towel. I was really to have to polish but there are no scratches that I can see.


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Genesis G70
After seeing the Sport trim, I noticed the dark chrome stood in contrast with the bright chrome Genesis badge. I can't help but consider how the front fascia would look without the front badge. Has anyone removed it or at least considered it?
Ran across these. A bit expensive but I bet they would look good with the dark chrome on the sport.
Customized KDM Wing Emblems (Front & Rear),
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