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Wanted to add a few details here in case folks stop by and are curious. There are a lot of tutorials out there but on YouTube but this is how I did it...

  • Debadged early, got home after leaving the dealer, so the car was still clean and less time for dirt to get in and around the edges of the adhesive
  • I have a bunch of thin microfiber towels and placed one on each side under the badges and closed to the trunk to catch any drippings
  • I used some Goo Gone first, spraying around the badges, it probably sat for 5-10 minutes
  • Used a regular ol' hair dryer to head up the adhesive. Moved it around the badges to keep any one area from overheating. A lot of videos feature heat guns which work better, but I'm cheap and didn't want to buy a tool I was unlikely to use again anytime soon. Heat guns are a lot more intense so you have to be more careful not to let things overheat
  • After heating the badges I took some dental floss and sawed away behind the badges. That the back of the trunk sticks out a bit makes it a lot easier to get close and saw your way through without having to get close to your paint. When I did my first car years ago I was way to close to the paint and caused lots of micro scratches in the top coat which I had to later get buffed out.
  • With all the badges off, which on the G70 took like no time at all, I sprayed a bit more Goo Gone on the leftover adhesive and applied a bit more heat and just pealed the remaining adhesive off. I was expecting this part to be a pain in the ass from past experience but this went super smoothly with the Goo Gone and heat.
  • There was a bit of ghosting around the 'G' which I cleaned with a bit of Goo Gone on a micro fiber towel.
  • Lastly to clean I wiped down the Goo Gone with a micro fiber towel, then cleaned the area with a wet micro fiber towel. I was really to have to polish but there are no scratches that I can see.


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Genesis G70
After seeing the Sport trim, I noticed the dark chrome stood in contrast with the bright chrome Genesis badge. I can't help but consider how the front fascia would look without the front badge. Has anyone removed it or at least considered it?
Ran across these. A bit expensive but I bet they would look good with the dark chrome on the sport.
Customized KDM Wing Emblems (Front & Rear),


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Cool. I actually plan on removing everything but the wings. I have seen several pics...and it looks sharp. And...the fact that I may be the only G70 owner for quite a while in the Richmond will add a nice "je ne sais quoi" to any onlookers :)
Do you have any pictures?


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Would de-badging be causing issues if leasing the car? I am surprised there is no factory option to remove these badges....
Nope...simply put everything back. I took a pic and measurements so it’s easy to do so.


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Save the badges and put them back. Why would there be a factory option? They put the badges on there to show what brand the car is and what options it may have. A form of advertising for the car maker. They've done this over 100 years now, some gaudier than others.
Well, there are companies that do exactly that - most notably, Porsche and VW/Audi (at least they used to in Europe). Some people just like understated design and don't like badges on the car at all (e.g. one might feel like one is being cow-branded) - so question might be asked: why should one go through the hassle of removing it? However, Genesis doesn't have the pedigree and is merely establishing themselves in the market, so I suppose lack of such an option is understandable, to a degree.

What kind of glue would you recommend for putting it back?
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