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G80 Sport - Lowered on ARK GT-F Springs


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Hmm, it looks weird, I wonder if they put correct springs at rear and vice versa. As you can see below, I had my 5.0, which is as heavy as G80 Sport, sitting on OEM, then "F" and "S" springs, you can compare how each set should look like.... and the GT-S springs in the box.

@chewbakarox - I don't wanna hijack your thread either. Tell me, and we'll stop spamming your post :clown:

I have the GT-S springs that the previous owner installed. It definitely has a lower drop on the rear (See Image.) Wondering if the owner previous to me installed the rear in the front and vise versa. Spoke with ARK Performance and they are claiming that this stance is "Normal" ??? From what I am seeing on the forums this isn't the case.

Question, how can you tell which is for front and back? Any help or suggestions appreciated!




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