Important Information About Brake Problem Recall


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Why are you fighting? Have they refused to do anything? Have they tried to find the problem?

Most times you get the best help by being a gentleman that a guy ready to fight. If they are ignoring you, the complaint is legit. If they are trying to help, try to help them help you.

Yes, I know the feeling of having brakes go out, I understand your concern. Scary to push the pedal an nothing happen.

Be persistent. Don't fight if they are trying to help you.
I have brought them the TSB and gave them a history of the entire issue. They have not been able to recreate the issue in 3 days. If they refuse to fix the issue then I will fight until they do... With the history on this intermittent failure well known by Hyundai and me telling them I’m having the issue they should wisely replace the HECU even if they can’t replicate the issue right now. This is a Safety issue that could result in death so not something for an auto manufacturer to take lightly. We will see what happens. The master tech took drove my car home last night from dealer (80 mile round trip) and they have not called me yet today.
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