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As others have stated, I would go through my own insurance, just as I did when I was rear ended in the 2009 while I was out of state, many years back.
Depending where you live, there is also the ‘loss adjustment’ where the insurance company would also have to pay additional funds to compensate you for any depreciation, as result of the accident, if it was me I would consider pushing that angle as well, if that option is available to you...


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Maybe, I got the letter after I was rear-ended. Stated that if the airbags deployed the vehicle would be declared a total loss. Just a standard form letter, when I asked my agent he said State Farm doesn’t repair vehicles in which air bags have deployed regardless of the level of damage.
I had a 2015 Genesis 5.0 ultimate for 10 days when a woman with 5 kids in the car, only 2 of which were in proper child seats ran a stop sign and I T-boned her. Air bags deployed. Fortunately no one was injured. I had State Farm insurance and she was uninsured. Everyone, including my dealer was sure it would be totaled, but more than $26,000 was spent on repairs. State Farm must have changed their policy on air bags. I did not want the car back. I unsuccessfully argued “diminished value”. At the end of the day, the repair was “like new”. 4 years later I was still happy with my car. Two weeks ago my wife’s foot slipped off the brake and she hit a post. State Farm totaled the car because repair estimate was more than 80% of estimated value. 6/29/19 I bought a 2019 Genesis 3.3t sport. I am very happy with my new Genesis. It is nearly as powerful as the 5.0 with the same level of appointments. My 2015 was improved with the surround view camera system in the 3.3t sport and other minor changes. At 75 years of age, my wife at 71, we stepped outside of our history of buying gray, silver and white cars - this one is a beautiful red.
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