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  1. cviz

    Complete Loss of Electrical Power

    I own a 2009 Genesis V6 Tech. This week something strange happened. My wife went out to start the car and came in and said the car was dead. When outside to investigate and the car was completely dead. What was odd was I had no issues the day before. I opened up the trunk to access the battery...
  2. power steering tilt and telecopic not working

    power steering tilt and telescopic not working anyone know if there is a fuse for this? it started to go out intermittently a few months ago, but now its totally dead. thanks
  3. Power shade question

    Hey guys, just a quick question regarding the rear sun shade. Is there a way to disable it going down when the car goes into reverse and only operates with the button on the door? Thanks
  4. Air filter?!? More power?!

    Hi guys!! On ebay i saw some items like a special airfilter for genesis and its says it will increase about 5 hp , is that true?? Cant understand how just a simple airfilter can increase such power, if its true i like to buy it..
  5. Amp Power Wire

    With the plastic cover that sits pretty tight over the B+ terminal of the battery, what are you guys doing to install the power wire for your aftermarket amps? I noticed that OEM wire area leading to the hood from the battery has a little bit of what looks like "space" for another power wire to...
  6. Power steering fluid.

    Hi guys...does anyone know what power steering fluid to use on a 2011 4.6 sedan?
  7. Power trunk upgrade?

    Anyone tried to upgrade their Signature model to a power trunk open/close like on the ultimate? I'm trying to see if it's possible and the cost involved.
  8. No Power to Parking Sensors, AFLS, ESC, and Instrument Panel

    Just purchased a '09 Genesis 4.6 with the Tech package and I have no power to the panel that contains the buttons for the AFLS, ESC, and the parking sensors. Which fuse is connected to that panel or is there another issue that I can check? Anything that will keep me from a lengthy wait at the...
  9. 12v power plug in the trunk

    I want to install a 12v power plug outlet in the trunk to power a cooler or something. It should be easy as the battery is right there, I just want to see if someone already done it a nice way :) Looking for proper parts/fuse suggestions as well.
  10. 2013 JD Power Initial Quality Study

    The 2013 Hyundai Genesis beat out the Mercedes Benz E-Class, Jaguar XF and the Lexus GS sedan in the 2013 JD Power Initial Quality Survey Midsize Premium Cars category. http://autos.jdpower.com/ratings/quality/cars.htm...
  11. Duck2010

    power steering whine

    The problem is with my 2012 4.6 the car was bought new on 12/13/2012 the car has 3,800 miles. this Genesis has really been a great car. much better then my first and this is how my 2010 genesis should have been. but i have one question. since the first day i have notice that when the car has...
  12. Power Stall when turning left to change lanes in stop and go traffic

    I have a 2013 Genesis Sedan, 3.8 V6. When in traffic, engine seems to stall when trying to make lane change from right lane to left lane in heavy traffic. anyone have this happen? When you need to go, you need to go and there is a hesitation, then the car takes off and goes, meanwhile the delay...
  13. Power Loss??

    Last night I was leaving work. The Genesis started normally enough (it seemed) and I took off, leaving the parking lot at an idle, waiting for the car to warm up. It seemed sluggish, but I wrote it off to it just being cold (it was in the low thirties). When I came to the 55 mph road, I knew...
  14. aftermarket power moonroof/sunroof

    Anyone have a recommendation for an aftermarket power moonroof/sunroof for a hyundai genesis sedan? thanks
  15. Genny keeps blowing power outlet fuse (25)

    I have used a radar detector for months without an issue. Last Thursday, the part that goes in the front cigarette lighter (why did they put an ash tray and lighter in this car??) came apart when I was pulling it out to store the detector away. Received new radar detector, plug it in and...
  16. Potential power of the Genesis

    Hey everyone, i just wanted to ask you guys a quick question. I currently drive a modded 07 subaru wrx thats pushing around 300hp to the crank. I've always LOVED the genesis and lately i've been wanting something a little nicer than my wrx so i've been looking into the genesis. The only thing...
  17. Power Folding Side View Mirrors

    Hey Guys and Gals, check this out. It's a power folding mirror kit for 09-11 Gennys. Does anyone have it or know anything about it before I take one for the team. E-bay item # 121001005300.
  18. choosing a power chip for 2012 genesis sedan

    Any help in choosing a power chip for increase of HP as well as MPG on 2012 v-6 333hp Genesis sedan. Prefer do it yourself plug and go type to avoid warranty issue when taking for service.
  19. Full function power passenger seat in 2013 sedan question

    I noticed some information is out relating to the 2013 Genesis sedan. My wife is disappointed that the 2010 Genesis does not have full functionality in the passenger seat. There is no up and down feature. Does anyone know if this issue has been addressed in the new 2013 model year?
  20. Power Door Locks

    I'm pretty sure I've seen this on another post, but I have a base model 3.8 Genesis sedan and when I shift out of park, my doors lock. Nothing new there, but if I don't put the car in park and a passenger opens the door, the lock will not auto lock at all. I have to depress the lock button on...
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