Can you start a Genesis Sedan with the key?


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1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
FYI-That slot does not exist on the base model 3.8L

However; there is a hidden starter testing ignition for the hard key, under the hood, right next to the wiper blade sharpener, tucked in behind the fallopian tubes, cant believe no-one knows about this.
I've also heard the car wont start if you're low on frequency grease. Make sure to check your blinker fluids as well which are located near the wiper sharpeners above and slightly to the left of the fallopian tubes.


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1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
To clarify, there's two wireless technologies inside the key (and most other manufacturer keys). The main one is the long range wireless that lets you unlock the car from 100 feet or more, which requires a battery. The second is RFID which only requires a very small amount of power, this power can actually be provided wirelessly by the device that is trying to read it. The drawback is that it is extremely short range, which is why you need to put the fob in the slot for it to be read.

And as noted, there is no way to start the car with the metal key.
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