Siberian Ice v. Casablanca White


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You should probably update your settings and update your Genesis Model Type. Still states "No Genesis Yet!" :):) would you compare your green to...say...British Racing Green...if you know what I mean? Love that color.
I saw a Mini the other day with the British Racing Green and it is not close. That colour is more like a dark pond green.
Nurburg Green is such a hybrid that I can't put it into words. Looks grey but my neighbour has a grey Accord and when both cars are in the driveway, and side by side you wouldn't call it grey at all.
People can't tell it is green unless you tell them it is and they stare at it for a bit.
I need a good sunny day to take proper pics.


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I have a Casablanca White in our G80. It's an iridescent white and quite nice looking. I'll take a photos and post it tomorrow.

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When I bought my G80 Sport back in March, I wanted the Polar Ice edition, but the only 2 other choices were Casablanca White and Havana Red. The dealer told me there were no more Polar Ice editions in the pipe line for '18, so I went with the Havana Red. I'm happy with my Havana Red, but at the time it was a hard choice between the red and the Casablanca White.
I bought mine in May 2017, and as soon as I saw it in the dealer's lot, I said that is the one I want.
It looks like new (only 3,800 miles) because it just got back from being detailed at the dealer.
While waiting for my car, the sales mgr. approaches me and asks if I'd like to drive a G70 3.3T.
I figured, why not - better than sitting in the showroom. I've got the same motor in my G80, so I
knew what to expect, but I guess due to it weighing less, the G70 did feel a bit quicker. I saw a SI
in the back lot with the black wheels and red Brembo calipers and it looked very nice. Too bad they
only come with black interior. I have black now, so if I got one, I'd prefer a lighter color. He offered
me this 2019 Sport for $10k + my car otd. Then I began thinking about maybe lower the price with
a 2.0T instead. Don't need all that hp in south FL traffic. Besides, I have a 2016 Corvette with 460hp
and a 7 speed manual if I want to go fast. I really like my color too much to trade it away, otherwise
I would consider it. The only color I'd consider right now is SI.
I'm going back to the dealer next week to have my sister's car detailed and will probably take a 2.0T
for a test drive then. Stay tuned...

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That 10K offer seems pretty good. I assume that's on the '19 G70 Sport for you '17 G80 Sport. Is that right? I'm going to see the G70 next week only because I'm curious as to how much smaller it is. I read somewhere that the rear seating is tighter than the G80.
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