1. 2012 3.8 Genesis has rough idle at start up

    My 3.8 2012 Genesis rumbles at idle upon a cold start, but has a smooth and silent idle after I drive it a bit. Is this normal? Why is there a faint thumping when engine just started?
  2. Transmission noise on cold start

    2010, V8, 34,000km I hear a whining noise from the right side on the front of the car (passenger side) on a cold day engine start or when car was sitting in a garage for couple of days. I can hear better from underneath the car vs. under the hood. It lasts for 10- 15 sec only. The dealer advised...
  3. Is there anyway to have the car automatically start bluetooth audio on startup

    I'd really like my car (2015 sedan with DIS) to default to bluetooth audio and not the radio on startup. Anyway to do that? I rarely listen to the radio and I never listen to satellite. I stream most of my music now. I wish the car allowed me to default to bluetooth audio.
  4. Remote Start, car turns off too soon

    I have no problem using bluelink's remote start to start the vehicle reliably. If it's just me I go out, unlock the car, get in and drive off. A lot of the time I am putting my kids in their car seats in the back, and it the car turns off after just 3-4 minutes of total run time instead of the...
  5. sabre3

    How do i get music to start automatically thru bluetooth?

    In my CX-9 if I changed the source to bluetooth it would connect to my phone and start playing music. So far in my 2015 with signature package it changes over but doesnt start playing. I have hit the play/pause button on screen but that hasnt worked either. I have to open the phone and go to the...
  6. Remote start

    Anybody have a remote starter installed ?also does it forfeit the warranty ?
  7. Auto start thru blue link

    Is it just me ... or has anyone else had problem with Blue Link auto start via cell phone ? :confused: I have an apple 6plus, and 20% of the time when I try to auto start Genesis from my Blue Link cell app- after log in and passcode... I get a pop up that reads " Server busy, please try again...
  8. heated seats /auto start

    Is there any way to have the heated seats come on when i autostart the car ?
  9. Lost Fob - How to start??

    Curious? How do others deal with the problem of losing your smart key (fob) when traveling? The metal key apparently works on door and trunk only. The manual says to call a tow truck (thanks, Hyundai). The inside of the trunk lid has what appears to be a fob holder - I suppose one could...
  10. Anyone Else Start Magically Getting XM Service?

    When I was driving into work this morning I noticed I was getting traffic info on my nav map. I realized I hadn't seen that since I let my promotional XM subscription expire, so I tapped the XM button and low and behold, music! Anyone know why this might have happened?
  11. iPod not recognized on start up unless replugged in

    Just leased the 2015 3.8 with ultimate package. The iPod is recognized and works perfect when plugging into the usb port, BUT when I turn off the car and back on, the iPod is NOT recognized. Only way it will again, is unplug and replugging it in. Anyone else have this issue and resolved it?
  12. Car Play to start first for Sonata

    My wife and I went to the Detroit North American International car show on the weekend. We visited the Hyundai exhibit and I noticed a poster for Car Play. I asked one of the Hyundai specialist about its release date. I was told that starting mid-year 2015, it will be released for Sonata, with...
  13. Bad sounding start up

    So this is my first winter with my 2011 Genesis sedan 3.8. It's been freezing here. I started it this morning and it sounded like shit! Worse than any car I've ever had. The engine seems to move at initial start up like a heart being shocked to life lol. Then it makes like a whinning noise and...
  14. Remote Start

    I recently purchased a 2015 Genesis sedan 3.8 luxury model. Aside from BlueLink, which I understand is not available in Canada, are there any other included options for remote start? I have an HTC Android phone. Many thanks!
  15. Push Button Start

    I don't know about you but I have gotten very spoiled by the push button start feature on my cars in years past. No more keys to look around for. I get into my house with the garage door opener in the car or the push button lock we have on the door. Only keys I have are in the center console...
  16. Sam22

    Substitute for Blue Link Remote Start?

    Blue Link offers several good features, of them, I really find 'Google Search' & 'Remote Start' very useful. Unfortunately, these require subscription ($99/year each) after 3 months of trial period ends. I was wondering if there was any substitutes for Remote Start. Like a mobile app or...
  17. Remote Start and AC

    I just love this feature, my wife didn't at first and thought it was a waste but with this week being so hot in SoCal and having the car started with the ac running about 5 minutes before we go anywhere she now loves it and asked if it can do the heat in weather, and my reply, of course honey...
  18. Blue Link--What is your experience?

    I've had my 3.8 2015 with Tech for about two week now and I am not impressed with Blue Links remote features envolked by using the Genesis application on my iPhone 5s. Last week I could remotely start the car but it refused to shut off at the 4 minute time I set. Yesterday, I could not get...
  19. BlueLink and Remote Start

    I noticed that there is a precondition for the remote start to work: It has been less than 4 days since last vehicle ignition off Anyone know the rationale behind this? reminds me of the one commercial where a family is flying into a snowy airport and remotely starts the car. With this...
  20. Ron5.0

    Start a Florida/Georgia meet.

    idk if this has been done here before, but with my old 94 f150 i had, which sold and got the gen. i would also use forums with my truck, we would have a met up every couple of month down here in Florida, especially around the Orlando area, where most of them were. thinking we can start...