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  1. Remote start smartphone app

    Anyone have, and use this feature?
  2. Totally dead, won't start intermittent

    Every couple weeks I go out to start my 2009 Genesis, and find it dead. No dome light when door is opened, no headlights, no dash lights, no tail lights and no start. Totally dead. I jump start the car and everything works for a couple weeks with no problems. AAA checked the battery and said...
  3. hergenesis

    Key Fob issue - car won't start - please help

    it is getting worst every day.. I stab the brake..I insert the fob into the fob socket.... nothing.. I pull the key out and put it back.. does anyone know what I can do? thank you in advance
  4. Beau2424

    Changing start up screen on nav unit?

    Was wondering if there was a way to change the start up screen when startung the genny? Right now it shows the flying h and was wondering if there was a way to have the wings or something else show up?
  5. Start Button - Is there a ghost in there?

    OK - Genesis 2012 will try to explain as simply as I can. I have an intermittent problem with the start button. SOMETIMES when I push it (foot on brake, key in my pocket) nothing happens. The seat reverts to the 2nd setting and I have to actually open the driver door, touch the seat button on...
  6. Remote Start?

    Does the 2011 Equus include remote start? Additionally, anyone put mud guards on their Equus, any pictures to share? Thank you.
  7. add on's i.e. spoiler,fog lights,remote start

    hi, i was trying to figure out how much does the dealer charge to put on the spoiler, fog lights, and remote start I mean not all at the same time just one by one. I have the 2013 r-spec.
  8. Car Start Battery/Ignition Problem

    I am a new owner of an '09 Genesis Sedan. Have had it for about 2 months and everything has been great till the past week or so. One day I got in the car and hit the starter switch like normal and the car battery engaged for a split second then everything went dead. I pressed the button over...
  9. Push button steering wheel start problem

    I have a 2009 Genesis 3.8 Sedan. I suddenly have an issue starting the vehicle. After trying to unsuccessfully start it by normal means, I inserted the fob into the fob dock and the LED display gave me a message that says, "press start button while turn steering wheel." The car will not...
  10. Stoofpilot

    Misfire and Toxic Fumes on Start Up

    My 2010 sat for three days in the garage. Temp is high sixties. Went to start the car and it sounded like a terrible misfire and rattles like valves. Exhaust smelt like a Toxic fume. It also threw a "check engine light". Shut off, let sit five minutes and car started normally but still had the...
  11. Aquineas

    Confused... does 2012 5.0 have remote start or not?

    I could have sworn I saw somewhere that it had remote start, but now I can't find a reference to it.
  12. TNTitan

    Dead car, no start - full battery?!

    Strange thing happened today with my '09 3.8 non-tech. Drove to a restaurant with the wife and baby. Parked and shut off the car. As we walked into the restaurant, I hit the lock button on the keyfob and didn't hear a beep. I walked closer and tried again. No dice. I thought, maybe the Fob...
  13. Start forsale used Genesis sedan section

    I dont know all the rules to this site, but is it possible to start a forsale used Genesis sedan section. It just seems that there are many people here looking for used Genesis sedans and a lot of existing owners looking to upgrade to a new or newer car. I know I would rather buy from a member...
  14. 3.8 track won't start

    This is the 2nd time in the past month my car would not start. The key works fine I guess...locks and unlocks the doors, but when I try turning it on I get the immobilized icon. Also the start button works fine as far as turning on the ac. I've tried putting the key fob in slot inside the car...
  15. Every morning have to start the car with key fob in the slot?

    Had the oil changed at the dealer a couple of weeks ago, and since then have had a strange issue with starting the car in the morning. It no longer recognizes the key in my pocket, I have to plug it into the key slot. Only happens after leaving it overnight. The rest of the day I can start it...
  16. Genesis sedan won't start! Help?

    2012 genesis sedan with tech package. Car won't start. Battery is fine. When the key is placed in the slot, the steering wheel goes crazy and moves up and down continuously by itself. Brake pedal is firm. We are on vacation sitting in the parking lot so no tools. Any ideas??
  17. Can you start a Genesis Sedan with the key?

    I was told by my sales person that the Genny can be started with the hard key in the key fob. If that's true, where do you insert the key? Thanks
  18. Short duration buzz noise in dash secs after vehicle start

    I have a 2010 v6 w/tech package. Just seconds after start-up a low level buzz noise for a short duration seems to be coming from the dash. Vehicle has approx 20,000 miles. It's a new noise just started in last couple of days. Best I can determine all functions of the Tech package work as normal...
  19. Car start problem

    Gor a brand new base 3.8 about a week and a half. Since then, car has failed to start about 9 times. I took it back to the dealer and they have had it for about 5 days and still can't figure out the problem. I've tried the 15 second trick and the brake lights work. Both keys has failed too...
  20. engine kept going when i pushed the start button

    i pressed the start button on my genesis 3.8 coupe, i believe it's a 2010, and the engine just started revving, it was as if i just kept the key turned in a regular car. i ended up just pressing the button again to stop the engine and when i pressed the button again it started up fine. but i...
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