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K&N (or other) Intake Air Filters


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Toronto, ON
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Genesis G70
Anyone else try the drop-in filters yet?
Gave my old Infiniti a meaner sound and maybe a little more on the bottom end. But the sound probably made it feel faster!
I've been running with the drop-in K&N filters since I got the car. Hard to say if it makes much of a difference - don't think the sound changes unless you do the full replacement air intake.


Basically the K&N (and presumably other) filters are made of cotton versus the paper that the OEM ones are made from - this allows greater airflow to the turbo (yes that's why there's two) which theoretically should give you a *slight* boost to power. Realistically so little you probably wouldn't really notice it. As an added bonus the filters are cleanable, and reusable, so rather than having to dispose of the OEM ones each time you can remove, clean, re-oil and replace the K&N ones over and over. It's a little more work obviously, so not for everyone. I had one in my previous 2.0T car for many years without a problem - in fact since I had an engine tune it was pretty much required.

A good explanation is on their website - K&N Lifetime Performance Air Filters - Aftermarket Automotive and Motorcycle Air Filters

The ones that are made for the 3.3 Stinger are about $50 each, so $100 for the set.
Any warranty voiding issues with running these? What do you mean by they sound better? Like the "whistle" you get with a turbo is louder?
Yes, there will be a loud whoosh from the cold air intakes upon full throttle. I just traded my 14' Taurus SHO for a G70 3.3T. I had CAI on the taurus and definitely got 1-2 mpg better fuel economy. As for more power, seat of the pants feel, is very little. But, on a 4300 lb car, 30 HP will be feel very slight.