Retrofiting a UNAVI Navigation System

Are you interested in retrofitting your OEM Navigation System over to a UNAVI System

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Purchased a 2012 3.8 Genesis sedan with 30K miles in October 2013. I had an issue with the NAV system took it to the dealer who said it was not a OEM unit.
I made a couple of calls to the dealer from whom I bought the car (not a Hyundai dealer) who told me that they had a local AV company install the NAV. I called this company and they had me go to the car to find out what model/type etc. This is a UNAVI 8" system. The OS was locking up. they had one of their techs (in a fancy SUV service vehicle) come out to my office to check out the system. The install was not done correctly. He corrected the installation and made sure that the USB/memory card port was accessible. He gave me a number to call UNAVI support while he was working. I got an updated OS download did the install and have been very happy ever since. The dealer likes the UNAVI unit and has complemented me more than once. More than likely that is why the price of the car was so cheap compared to the same year with the technology package. I paid 20K for a 2012 in October '13.
So far no complaints other than I need better tires. They had new Dunlop Signature tires so I will wear them out before I buy the Michelins that I had on my Azera.


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Well, you can take off the development of a Unavi for Tech pkg systems. Got this email reply directly from Unavi:

Hello, Thank you for your question. We were interested in developing a system for the model you are asking about however when we look into designing a system like this the demand has to be large enough for us to invest in and unfortunately we just didn’t have many customers asking for it. We have moved on to developing newer features in our current models since the Genesis Sedan has been removed from our lineup due to Hyundai including navigation in all Genesis Sedans. I wish we had a solution for you however we just don’t see being able to sell enough to make it worth the investment. Sorry


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Yes we here at UNAVI USA looked into developing a retro fit system that would replace the factory DIS System with our Navigation System and after a long discussions with our Korean Engineers there is simply not enough demand here in the States for us to move forward with the development.
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