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Special ordering G70


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Genesis G70
I've read that the green only shows up in the sunlight otherwise it looks mostly grey. Some images I've seen may it look sort of metalic. I like the HG but grey with a hint of green intrigues me.
It's green all the time but looks grey in certain lighting in isolation or from afar.
But when it is beside a grey car, you can tell it is not grey at all! In the ME, it is called Graceful Grey.
In sunlight, it looks splendid!


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Genesis G70
Hey there...congrats on your new baby!

I know in Canada the ordering process is different since we order on-line. When I go to the Genesis website the color combo I want is not part of the choices. Did you special order your's and if so did you do it on-line or did you talk to a dealer rep? Did you request a test drive?

Reading some of the posts in this thread has me concerned that I won't be able to see the color in person. I'm curious about the Nuremburg green but don't want to special order it without seeing what it looks like.

So the process started with requesting a test driver online. After that a salesman/Genesis Experience Manager(GXM) contacted me for the test drive, who worked with use for the entire process. The way we got a feel for all the colors was to go to a dealer/boutique. Once it was all decided, my GXM then generated an order online. After that, the paper work was filled out as you would for a standard purchase. Then the process of waiting started, the GXM gave me updates when I asked for them. It was then delivered as standard.

I actually had some experience with the Nuremberg Green, they had one parked at the boutique. I have to say in most lights it looks very much like the Himalayan Gray. But in certain lights you can pick up the green. I feel like this article has good pictures to show how it looks. 2019 Genesis G70 2.0T Sport | DoubleClutch.ca!

The picture I added looks the most green. I think the Nuremberg Green is the perfect color when you want a plain color most times but still is special. I would have probably had it at the top my list next to the white for plain yet special colors.19434
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