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Special ordering G70


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I will post pricing Saturday. THEY HAVE BETTER NOT LET YOU DRIVE MY CAR. Where did you test drive tonight
Haha - I asked for the drive earlier today and they planned to take me out in the Mallorca 3.3T Sport but when I got there they told me it was sold. I took a red 3.3T advanced out (base). I saw yours parked safely in the back lot. You're good to go!


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Congrats!!! How was the Hertrich experience?
It was good. I think the big relief was no haggle Hyundai Circle price, and being fortunate to get hooked up with Nick the GM. Personally I cant stand any dealership and think you should be able to direct buy. With that being said I cant say anything bad about Hertrich. Looked over the car quick there, but when I got under the LEDs in my garage found a few light surface scratches. Not sure if this is normal or not.


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When I bought my 2015 Genesis Ultimate Empire Gray with Black interior, I also read on this site that the dealer could not get the car from Korea. My dealer told me he could request the car and that he would let me know. One week later I received a statement sent to dealer from the factory saying that the car was built and would be awaiting shipment (Vin was included) It was about 1 and ½ months later when the car came in to the dealer. Beautiful fresh with only 8 miles on the odometer. So, we’ll see if he can get me my Red with Gray interior Prestige 3.3T AWD.