Supercharger or twin turbo


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Updates?? I'm Also looking for a Supercharger Kit for my 2013 5.0 (Equus) I think an 11sec Equus would Open a few eyes!!!


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I've always thought that the M122 with the laminova cores that come stock on Cadillacs would be pretty nice on a 5.0

Intake flange adapters may be needed but it appears that the M122 has similar port spacing.


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Got to a certain point in the design and unfortunately haven't made any progress since middle of last year. I'd say it is 75% designed but no physical parts have been made or tested. Supercharger is at one users house and the car at another, if it was all in one place more progress may have been made. A 3-D printed prototype was not made due to the cost. The path the ports on the adapter would have to take are complex and there is no way to reduce their angle with the current thickness at 1.50". Could increase it but the hood most likely wouldn't be able to close. Feel bad not being able to dedicate any time to this because it looks like it could possibly work.

Since the ports and bolt patterns for the supercharger and engine block only vary slightly it makes it difficult to bolt together. If they were farther apart they wouldn't potentially occupy the same space in the adapter. Hardest part about this is being able to attach the adapter to the engine block and the lack of space. Shorter studs are required in the block and it would attach with a nut on top. The supercharger would bolt down from the top like normal.

Some screen grabs attached for reference. I was working with Tailwalker and 84FordMan on this and would be willing to hand over what I have done to anybody with SolidWorks and Engineering experience who wants to continue this venture. I'm sure they still would like to install this.

Adapter Assembly

Bottom/Engine Side of Adapter

Top/Supercharger Side of Adapter
Do you still have these plans? I'd love to see what i could come up with.


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Honestly I would be more then willing to cut a hole in my hood with the blower hanging out if that adapter needs to be taller. But after having a few things custom machined I'm gonna guess that the adapter is going to be pricey.
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