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What things don't you like in the G70?


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Genesis G70
Further to that - I had an issue where the car wouldn't start. It was -26C and car was parked outside for about 7 hours. About 10 minutes before leaving I used the app to start the vehicle. No problem, car started. Ran the 7 minutes. When I got to the car, I opened the door as usual by hitting the button on the door handle, got in, put my foot on the brake, hit the start button and engine would not engage. Lots of juice, cranked like it was +26 out, so in my estimation it wasn't getting gas. I tried several times over a 10 minute period. Tried the app again too, first time it wouldn't do it because the the door was open (I was in the car with the doors unlocked) so I thought ok, I'll lock the door and try again. It failed again with a message to contact roadside assistance.

So then I left the vehicle, locked it. Unlocked it and got back in, tried again, still wouldn't start. Sat there another couple of minutes..oh hit the roadside assistance button, went on hold but then it just disconnected during this. I tried again in a couple minutes - vroooom started right up with no issues.

Anyone else have anything like this happen to them? Luckily I was (sort of) in town. More than close enough to get a tow in to the dealership. However, if that happens out of town I'm going to be screwed. My thought is, for some reason the vehicle could not read my keyfob and therefore would not release the gas to the engine. Then all of a sudden it did read it and off I went. I hope it was a fluke, if it does it again I'll call Genesis and have it looked at.
Have not had anything like that happen before.

Occasionally it doesn't allow me to remote start in certain areas, giving me the error message that the server was unavailable or something from within the app. But every time I start it from within the car it starts right up very first time.

honorable flea

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the RVA
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Genesis G70
Another thing to add to the list is the gas door. I have alot of difficulty opening the gas door because of winter and there is no finger grabber indent. Now I have to bring around something plastic to try and pry it open while trying not to scratch the paint every week, the button doesn't do anything and to make it worse I obvioisly can't push the button and pull at the same time!

Ditto! First good frost in the area the door stuck closed at the gas station. Had my key chain in my hand and decided against it. Ended up using a credit card. Still cringed a little doing that on a new paint.
Will have to try Ed’s silicone trick.
The ‘move south’ thing is a work in progress. I’m originally from Massachusetts, wife from Pennsylvania, live in Virginia , and wife still wants to move further south:oops:


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Genesis G70
Spray a little silicone where the door makes contact
A smack with the palm of you hand may release it
There is a manual release inside the trunk
Move south.
I will check out this manual release and maybe some sort of spray to hold back the freezing. Im sure I already looked like an idiot banging on my car non stop - pressing the button - banging on car - pressing button and so on for about 8mins 😁


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You can try using an old plastic gift card and work it around the gas door gaps to free it up. I had to do that to my C6 Corvette coupe to allow the driver's window to index during the winter; otherwise I couldn't fully close the door until the ice on the window seals thawed...
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