Alternatives to G70?


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Ground clearance is a problem in my S4, which is about an inch higher than the G70. (At least the Sport G70 I measured at the car show). Quattro traction is great, but big chunks of ice on the road beats up the bottom of the car and front plastics. Deep snow turns the car into a snow plow.
I am unsure if my numbers are correct but from what I see online, the G70 has 130mm of ground clearance, I believe the RWD ones are a tad lower, and the S4 has 120mm. But it may be different ways to measure or something.


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Decided on Certified BMW 2016 535i. Drives great. Was half the cost of the original price new, lease return, meticulousy serviced, super clean and under 40K miles.

I will still check out the G70 when and if it ever gets on sale in California, but this will be a nice car for now.
Congrats Ed!

Not a bad way to go.

At the Philly car show, Genesis was placed right at one of the entrances, so it got a lot of attention. G70 looked great, but it's impractical for most buyers. It's just not where the market is at right now.
As noted, there are other markets where sedans are still popular, esp. of this size in Europe (for example, 7 of the top 10 sellers in the UK in 2018 were still cars).

MB still sold nearly 55k of the C Class and BMW, nearly 76k of the 3/4 Series here last year.


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Edmonton, Canada
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That 535i M sport is what I came from before the G70. It is a great car, but wasn't for me. I had major buyers remorse mainly due to the handling being so much worse than my 335 from before. It was just too big and soft of a car for me. The G70 is the right size (again for me) and the handling is night and day compared to the 5 series.

Still it was a great highway car and very comfortable. I compared it to the Genesis at the time and preferred it. I did the Dinan upgrade though which was well worth it. :)
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