Any high mileage Genesis owners out there??


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2012 Premium sedan - just hit 182k miles 2nd owner. I got it with 36k miles on it. 0 issues with transmission or engine. I drive for work and I am happy x 10! The only thing is a check engine light for nozzle or tank canister. Common issue I have read. It does not impact my 412 miles until empty reading. I will take it to dealer when I have time to replace as my warranty is unlimited miles. I do all oil changes and anything related maint. wise. I absolutely love this car!


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Curious as to you mileage and how the car is holding up....
I average at the bare minimum 3000 miles a month...will a Gensis hold up to this abuse for several years?
Well I have 2011 and it has 125000 and it still runs like new been in the car since 2012 and only had to do service on it so for will drive for a few more months. before we trade it in for 2017 Genesis. but still love the car best I have ever had.


183k. I just had my first engine issue and had to replace the Throttle Body. Only other issues have been turn signal stalk (twice) and window control switch. Two of those repairs were under warranty.


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2011 3.8 with 183k. Just had first engine issue and had to replace the Throttle Body. Previously replaced the turn signal stalk (twice) and a window switch. Two of those repairs were under warranty. Otherwise, standard maintenance including replacing plugs and belt at 170k.


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2012 4.6 Tech. 100,087 miles, timing chain tensioner rattle on warm start since 80k. Timing chain is suspected to have jumped a tooth or two a couple days ago as it wouldn't start and just shook the car. Had to get towed home. Currently pulling it apart to get the timing cover off so I can check the timing and replace some parts. What a pain in the ass.... Other than that, it's honestly been a joy to drive and own. Hoping once everything is fixed it wont give me any more grief.


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1G Genesis Sedan (2009-2014)
I just bought a loaded 09 4.6 from my uncle who bought it new. Now has 191k miles on original engine & transmission. All records since new, his wife took it to the dealer for an oil change every 3k miles.

Only major replacements/issues have been;

All shocks (191k miles)
All front suspension bushings (191k miles)
Steering column electronic control unit (191k miles)
Alternator (160k miles)
Front heated/cooled seat function doesn’t work. One front parking sensor goes off intermittently.

Otherwise runs like a top.


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'12 R-Spec with 104K miles, replaced a bad front caliper and heater hoses in last 10K miles. AutoFold drivers mirror stripped the gears, weather stripping around the truck needed to be replaced under warranty. Other than high oil usage, ,love the car, fast comfortable, easy to drive after 8-12 hours behind the wheel. Very happy with the adaptive cruise control. Highly recommend D1236S brake pads (Sangsin) over after market pads, theyre available at NAPA Auto Parts.


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Purchased my 2011 4.6 w/tech in Sept. 2010. After 212,000 wonderful miles it has been replaced with a Toyota Highlander limited Platinum. The Genesis was the best car we have owned and it is missed. It was traded for the Toyota due to the rear diff. in the Genesis developing to much play and needed to be replaced and spending 1000 to 2000 dollars on a car with 212,000 miles was something I did not want to do. Otherwise the Genesis gave over 7 years of great service.
Now you've got a real car with that Highlander.


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2013 3.8L base sedan here. Purchased CPO at 27,000 miles. Currently at 115,000 miles. No major issues to report. I've replaced the battery once, just had all the brakes redone, transmission fluid changed and spark plugs. Only thing that really bugs me is a year or so ago my bluetooth and xm went out at the same time. Stereo still sounds great and works with FM/AM, CD or playing music from my phone. But not being able to easily make hands free calls or have even the option of XM is annoying. I might replace the unit with one off eBay. I see they've come down in price.


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I have a 2009 4.6L. Currently at 125k, bought it 3 years ago at about 85k.

Overall it's been a pretty solid car. It burns about 2 quarts of oil between my 6k mile oil changes. The back-up camera slowly fizzled out over the period of about a year. I replaced the driver side wheel bearing. Strangely, oil filters are harder to come by than they should be I think. I also feel like the radio tuner isn't as strong as my last couple of cars either, but I don't have any solid proof of that. I do want to point out that the car handled the last Chicago winter like a champ. It chugged a bit, but started right up when it was -24F outside and got me to and from work like a champ. As for tires, I went a little unconventional. I put a 255/50/18 Nitto NT420S on it to correct for the speedo reading a bit faster than the car was actually going, and that totally fixed it. Those tires and RWD handled the snow like a rockstar, even if they are a bit noisy.

I would like to note, this car has the best sounding factory sound system I have ever heard, I wish it had more/deeper bass, but I am somewhat of a bass head.

My biggest complaint is the brakes I think. I replaced what looked like Hyundai OEM brake pads/rotors due to bad squealing, but they were not totally worn out. I did a "fancy" drilled/slotted brake kit (Power Stop Z23 kit) and they worked great for a month and started squealing too. I got them replaced under warranty from power stop, and they worked better for longer, but its back to being terribly noisy especially after the pads get a bit of heat in them. And its only the front brakes, not the rears. And they stop this lead sled REALLY well, just really noisy. I am going to try a different brand of pad soon.

I will likely keep it for a few more years, and look into getting a used G90, since I was so impressed with this car. I will probably also look into a used LS460L too.
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2 quarts of oil every 6k miles, and you think that is acceptable?! yikes! I sure don't! my 2011 with the same 4.6 at 160k uses a barely measurable amount of oil in that time. I hope the engine keeps going for you, but I don't think that this is evidence of a good car, nor normal for this particular one.

My brakes have seemed to work ok with normal swaps of pads and rotors. normally has a lot of cheap oil filters for this car, as well as other parts.

I too am targeting a used G90 in another year.