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Any high mileage Genesis owners out there??


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Wife's car, 2011 4.6 bought new and now has 127K and still running fine. Had the alternator replaced a month ago. Yesterday car behind bumped the rear and the headrests deployed. Although I prefer to let the dealer fix the headrests and other slight damages, I couldn't let her drive around with the headrests like that in the mean time. So I searched this forum and found the reset procedure to fix the driver side's one only. Didn't want to reset both as there were some broken plastic bits.


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My car was involved in a rear-end collision and both headrests were deployed. There were broken parts from both. I had them both replaced and the dealer had to reset them and do something to get the new ones recognized in the cars system software. There is some question as to the SRS system working properly if these headrests are not installed nor configured correctly. I just didn't want to risk it.
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