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Weird how you still have to buy the app after buying the BT kit!
Might just go the cable route cause I probably won't run past Map1.
Thats a good way to save time. For the first 7 months I had my JB4 I did all updates and map changes via laptop and data cable. Its not as convenient but changes aren't made that often anyway.

However, I got myself the BT kit in December and it's way easier for logging and map changes on the fly, if that's your thing.

And if you root an old phone phone you can mirror the JB4 app screen to your infotainment screen. That'll give you a pretty cool way to view the car's diagnostics.


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Would you be able to keep track of your MPG while use map 2? Thanks
I guess I could...but I won't ;) I did not buy this car for fuel efficiency. I heard that while driving's actually more efficient.

I can tell you that when I floor it...I get about 2 MPG...and that is perfectly fine :druff:
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