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Was it hard to hook up the fuel wires, and what does the finished product look like? Could you post pic of fuel wire? Would removal leave bare wire that would need patching? Thanks
The 2 small wires connect via the included Posi-Taps. Location of connection has a black pull that back.

Takes 30 seconds each.

Once removed...sleeve goes back and hides the contact point.

When reconnecting after a dealer visit...very easy to connect to the same location.

See below (video jumps to actual wire install)...
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Genesis G70

Well shit...I got busted by my wife. I usually put my JB4 on Map 0 in case my wife takes the car out.

I forgot one time :( Left it on Map 3 (running 99 octane). She took the car out...dear Lord.
Back in the day before there was internets, there was an old adage that a wife will never find her husband's secret stash of dirty movies. He would invariably get busted because he forgot and left the tape in the VCR.


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Not promoting street racing (only raced in PlayStation! Haa), but I still think the G70 sub-forum needs a "kill stories" thread. :sneaky:


I was like “ok...this guy wants to go”

So we’re inline and the light goes green. No LC...just punched it.

He jumped ahead right 1/2 car length.

Then the magic happened. My car just thrusted....crazy.

Within like 2 seconds...I was ahead. My car switched gears and he moved forward quickly almost ahead of me...but I quickly advanced.

Then everything kicked head blasted back...and she just took off...crazy actually.

Next thing you know...I blasted like 1.5 car lengths ahead. It then just increased. HUGE rush. We both shut down. Almost 2 car lengths at the end.

So my car launches shitty and then spools up and goes like a missle.

Hopefully I explained that good.
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