1. KDMHolic

    KDMHolic ROADRUNS Lip Kit Sale for New Genesis Coupe 2013+

    Hello everyone, This is Kevin at KDMHolic. For the month of June, we will be having a ROADRUNS lip kit sales event for Genesis Owners forum members. The following items are included for this event: 1. ROADRUNS Front_Lip for Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2013+ 2. ROADRUNS Side_Lip (Sideskirts) for...
  2. Hydundai Genesis coupe Front and rear seats, door panels, air bag module.

    Hyundai Genesis Coupe; Red & Black Front door panels front and rear seats Air bag module's Asking $1200.00 500 TOTAL miles on this interior. have the other few panels that go with it as well. Call or text 401-662-6039, Joe Buyer pays shipping. located Orlando FL
  3. Genesis Coupe, Brembo Brakes,Calipers, 2 sets of front rotors, new rear rotors, pads

    Brembo Brakes from a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Car was bought with 500 miles on it, and turned into a racecar for IMSA continental tire sports car challenge. These brakes were removed and stored on shelve, not issue with them. Rotors are new, have 2 new sets of fronts, and new set of rears, just...
  4. FS: 2014 Genesis Coupe - brand new. 1500 miles for sale

    2014 hyundai genesis 2.0T for sale. Red- only 1500 miles. owned for 3 months. Need to get an SUV. professionally tinted windows, as well as LED bulbs all around/inside. I paid $25 for this car 3 months ago. Price- $23800 which is my payoff. Not to mention the money for tint (with warranty)...
  5. What do you dislike about the Genesis Coupe?

    Okay. You're either here because you're love the Genesis Coupe - or hate it. More often than not people sign up at forums like these to complain and/or research issues. Sometimes people sign up to gather around like-minded same-car owners. What are some of the things you don't like about the...
  6. FS: 2013 Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec Heavily Modified Show Car

    For Sale: 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-SPEC with High-quality Performance Parts and One of a Kind Modifications with Low Miles Asking $32,000 OBO (serious offers will be considered. please no low ball or trade offers) For more info here is the link to the eBay auction -...
  7. Let's talk about the second generation Hyundai Genesis Coupe

    I'd like to have a conversation on what we know, what we "think we know" - and what we'd like to see - in regards to the next Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Please take a moment to chime in...
  8. this is what an equus coupe should look like imo

    Just drew this up in class. -hexagonal grill -equus coupe -panoramic roof -twin turbo
  9. Wtb oem coupe led tail lights

    I am looking for a set of OEM taillights for my genesis couple! Only the newe LED tails though.
  10. Genesis owners your thoughts on the upcoming genesis coupe upscale direction

  11. Anyone driving a white coupe in the valley today?

    This afternoon after I turned on Devonshire St. I was behind a clean looking white coupe. I stopped behind it at a light and after it turned green he took off slow then floored it for a second. I lost him before I got on the 118 at Tampa. Wondering if it was anyone who posts here.
  12. Will 19x10 +25 fit a '13 Genesis Coupe 2.0t Premium?

    Going to buy a 2013 Genesis Coupe 2.0t Premium and don't want to keep the 18's. I want to put a pair of Niche Targa M131 (19x10 +25 all around). Was wondering if this will fit at stock height. Any pictures of this/ similar setup would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  13. WTB 2013+ 19" R Spec Coupe Wheels (just fronts or full set)

    I currently have a set of 2013+ 19" R Spec wheels, but do not want to run the staggered setup, I would like to square it out for my Optima. Anyone have a set of front wheels (or full set) for sale? If someone else is looking to square up a set, I would be willing to trade my rear wheels for...
  14. $32,000 - 2015 Genesis Coupe (Ultimate) SEMA EDITION

    $29,999 - 2015 Genesis Coupe (Ultimate) SEMA EDITION 2015 Genesis Coupe Ultimate 3.8 for sale with only 1,100 miles on motor. Essentially brand new! Built for and approved by HMA headquarters! FearOne LLC was selected by HMA as the recipient of this 2015 SEMA project car. Fully upgraded with...
  15. Question: What to look for on 2011 Genesis Coupe R Spec

    Question: Problems to look for on 2011 Genesis Coupe R Spec Like the title says, I'm looking at a 2011 R Spec Coupe. It is a one owner car & is clean as a pin. 44,000 miles. What problems do I need to watch for? BTW, it is the 3.8 w/ 6 speed manual. Thanks for any help you guys can give me.
  16. Coupe Questions

    Hey guys- Bought a new 2014 3.0 turbo coupe last week- and im loving it! Few questions- 1. Has anyone replaced the front headliughts to LED/xenon (white look) headlights/replaced the bulbs? If so, can you give me some pointers on if it was easy, and where/what kind of bulbs you got? 2. the...
  17. Billbert

    So why does the 3.8 coupe get 348 h.p.?

    I'm a brand new owner of the Genesis 3.8 with a long history of never being able to leave a good thing alone. While in the dealership this week, I'm reading the brochure on the coupe. It appears it shares the same engine as the sedan but packs substantially more horsepower. I'm guessing some...
  18. Genesis Coupe Steering wheel on Sedan Swap

    I was wondering if this has been attempted or is even viable? I find the sedan steering wheel to be too thin and too big in diameter. I would prefer a smaller diameter and meatier grip. Thanks guys.
  19. Coupe Brembo Retrofit

    On the Genesis Coupe I owned, I had base brakes (Single piston fronts and rears) and it sucked. Back then I grabbed a front set of four piston calipers off of a 2009 4.6 Sedan and it was pretty much a bolt-on affair. Much improved braking. I never did the rear, as it required a new caliper and...
  20. videopho

    Big Tuning Event (Genesis Coupe) near Raleigh, NC

    The tuning (and meet) will take place in the weekend of Feb-7th and 8th in Garner, NC. The tuners are from BTRcc which is very well known for their work. Realized that this is for the coupe clans but the sedan enthusiasts may join to see or learn how the coupes are dyno-tuned and so forth. I...
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