2015/2016 Generation Genesis "Dislikes"


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Re: 2015 Genesis "Dislikes"

^ Actually, came across an interesting thread regarding auto plastics from people who are very knowledgeable about plastics and according to them, hard plastics are more expensive to do correctly than the soft touch (in part has to do w/ the molding process, in particular, creating the molds).

Also, the top of the dash is the part that gets hit w/ the sun the most and while plastics can be made w/ varying UV protection, generally hard plastics do better than the soft touch plastics.

So maybe it is the right move for Hyundai - if they don't want to get complaints about degrading plastics (apparently, a common complaint for BMW).
We will get a dash cover if we can find a good looking one. I always protect my car dashboards


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I HATE the head reast in the middle of the back seat. So annoying when using the rear view mirror.
I agree that when that head rest is in the up position it is rather annoying , but when I press the button on the side of the middle headrest in the back seat, it is almost flushed down and I can’t say I have ever noticed them when looking back in the rear view mirror, while they are in the down position, at any time in the last 10+ years, in either the G1 or G2 Gennys.🤔


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I have had to change, twice right and left turning signals in the front. The left is easy but the right turning bulb you have to remove a covering. Left one the never charge me, right one $35 because of the time and labor. Apparently the 2015 Genesis is the only year that they use the same bulb for turning and daytime running lights!!
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